Restore In-Person Teacher Training


Restore was created out of passion for total body and mind restoration. This program is rooted in both creativity and science. Using the foundations of yoga, the principles of mobility and science backed self-myofascial release techniques, this class delivers a fresh breath of air to the group fitness scene or your personal practice!


Merritt Clubs Canton
3401 Boston St Baltimore, MD
2024-04-21 17:00:00 UTC - 2024-04-21 21:00:00 UTC

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce you to the concepts and principles of SoulBody programs.
  • Provide you with the methodology, class choreography structure and flow which represent the concept of the SoulBody programs.
  • Provide you with a basic understanding of industry principles as they relate to group fitness training, technique, alignment and safety standards.
  • Provide you with continuing education in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and recovery techniques as they relate to program specific choreography.
  • Teach the importance of recovery, mindful movement, core stability, posture, and alignment as it relates to efficient movement and injury prevention.
  • Help you craft effective cueing and coaching techniques, as well as how to offer modifications and challenges to participants within a group setting.
  • Provide a succinct choreographic structure and Block Format for SoulBody Restore programming so you can confidently begin teaching as soon as possible post-assessment.
  • Two-Track Video Practical required for Assessment to complete coursework and receive Certification

Course Content

Pre-Training Waivers
One Week Before
Assessment for Certification

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