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Welcome to SoulBody Fitness LIIT online course! Our goal is for you to leave training with the foundational understanding regarding SoulBody™ concepts, programs, choreography and how to teach following the SoulBody methodology SoulBody™

LIIT will build endurance and strengthen the body with low impact interval sequences combined with body weight training exercises. Class is taught in barefoot on a mat creating strength in your foundation…the feet. SoulBody™ LIIT is an excellent workout for those looking for lower impact options but still want the results of a 30-minute one and done workout. The workout is designed with interval training rounds to raise the heart rate, and strength training blocks to tone and build lean muscle. There’s no doubt that this class will keep your members feeling LIIT long after the workout!

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce you to the SoulBody™ LIIT method.
  • In depth learning of interval training concepts and principals for high and low impact options.
  • Define SoulBody™ class choreography structure and flow.
  • Provide a basic understanding of physiology, biomechanics, and industry principles as they relate to interval training, focusing on alignment and safety standards.
  • Learn the importance of core stability, mindful movement, posture and alignment as it relates to efficient and effective movement and injury prevention.
  • Learn effective coaching techniques, as well as how to progress and regress participants within a group setting.
  • 2-Track Video Practical for assessment to complete course and receive Certification.

Course Content

Welcome to SoulBody LIIT Teacher Training - Lets get started!
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4 - Master Class and Blocks 1- 4
Section 5 Blocks 5-7
Section 6- Coaching for Success
Next Steps
Assessment for Certification

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